Over the past three years Kardistry has had 1000’s of video submissions from you, the community, from all over the world. It brings us great pleasure to be announcing our World Kardistry Championships, we have an excellent competition install for you and some incredible prizes.

The world cardistry championship is a head to head knockout tournament. Each month successful cardists will be asked to produce a video which will go directly against another cardist in the competition, we’ll start with 32 cardists and we’ll be left with just one as we move across the battle board toward the final.

The judging panel for this years competition include Alejandro Portela (theCuso) known for his sexy time jams and of course thecuso.info. We also welcome back Rama Dimasatria, winner of our CDM tournament. He’s back for the WKC not as a competitor but as a judge. Rama has been through the competition and knows the pressures of keeping the videos fresh and creative throughout the head to heads. We also welcome back Dimitri Arleri well known for his incredible performance videos and of course was one of the judges in the 2011/12 CDM competition. Last, but certainly not least, is our fourth and final panel member and sponsor, Dave Buck.

There are five rounds to the WKC, spanning over 6 months (we’re taking a holiday break). The final will go live in 2014 (TBC). First place receives a unique collection of 24 elite playing cards hand selected by Dan and Dave and a one year professional sponsorship with Dan & Dave (details below). However, theres rewards to claim throughout the competition for everyone, they are not reserved just for first place. A full prize list can be found below…

The registration form and entry information can be found at the bottom of this page.

1st Place (Gold Clip)
First place receives a unique collection of 24 elite playing cards hand selected by Dan and Dave and housed in both a Variety Box and Card Canister, plus a card clip of your choice. This prize also includes a one year professional sponsorship with D&D, entitling you featured exposure on both Kardistry and D&D’s website. Sponsorship will also include awesome new gear from D&D as it becomes available, such as T-shirts, hats, new playing cards and more!

2nd Place (Silver Clip)
Second place receives a one-year subscription to Dan and Dave’s Deck of The Month Club, in which every month you will be mailed a different deck from the Art of Play catalog. This prize also includes one year of featured exposure on Kardistry.

3rd Place (Bronze Clip)
Third place receives a Smoke & Mirror’s Deluxe Box Set, signed and numbered by Dan and Dave.

Earn rewards throughout the competition, it’s a long way to the final so this year we’ll be helping you get there.

First Round
16 contestants will be eliminated, 16 will remain. Everyone who makes it through the first round will receive a $10 gift certificate good for Art of Play. Each Cardist that enters the championships will be mailed a Kardistry badge and sticker to show our appreciation.

Second Round
8 contestants will be eliminated, 8 will remain. The 8 contestants who make it through the second round will receive a $25 gift certificate to Art of Play.

Third Round
4 contestants will be eliminated, the final 4 will remain. The finalists will receive a $50 gift certificate to Art of Play. The final 4 will enter into the pool for the bronze, silver and gold prize places. The Cardists will firstly compete in the semi finals, the winners of these contests will enter head to head into the grand final. The losers of the semi finals will face each other in the playoff final for third place.